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You Should Know

Jesse Powell

Don't try to tell me you don't know how I feel....
When all I do is try to Please you.
Do what I can to shoe that my love's for real,
Still just push me away
Come'on girl give me wutcha know I deserve....
I only want what is right
Don't leave me hanging with my verge,
I've break down every night
(chorus)-Cause you should know by now, w/o any question
...I live and die for the love of you...when the sun don't shine...I'll
still be by your side
So baby you should know....I love you
When everything you do in my mind...
But now I need it for real, from you baby...
I know inside ya that there is someone that's kind,
But I duno how long I can deal with it.
Come'on & give me what you know I Deserve,
I only want what is right...
Don't leave me hanging w/ my heart on the verge,
I'm breaking down every night..
Cause no other man will know you like I do...
And no other man will treat you like I do...
Only a man who really loves you,
would stand the test, that you've put me thru
for your heart..
Cause you should know by now, w/o any question.
I live and Die for the love of you...
When the sun don't shine...I'll still be by your side..
So baby, you should know...I love you..
I love you...I love you...(You should know)
(until fade)

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