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Is It Over

Jesse Powell

verse 1:
Your love is as strong,
As the widest river is long
And here stands the man the man too afraid
To jump in so you thought it should end.
Thoes pretty eyes,never lie
You say it's over,but you eyes deny
You so in control, that's what you think
Why are you fooling yourself,baby
Your not fooling me
is it over
you and I
are you truly better off without me there by you side
is it over
you and I (something in your eyes)
something in your eyes is telling me not to say goodbye
verse 2:
Baby if it's over
If its gone
Stop this world I don't wanna stay on
If time heals all wound
Why is it no use
It's no use at all to my broken heart
Your involved
Moving on
And you just cant up and leave him alone
It wouldn't be right
To do him so wrong
Please don't expect my sympathy
Girl when you just did that to me


I'd like just to be your friend
And hope that someday,we'd love again
Sorry but I can't pretend
because I love you, I love you
I do I do.


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