If I

Jesse Powell

I was so busy doin' things
Doin' things that I wasn't supposed to
And I know you might not believe me babe
But I love you

For each tear, forgive me
It was unintentional
That I made you cry
I want you to know that I
I apologize
And I'm prayin' that it's not too late

1 - Girl, if I, if I should lose you girl
If I could make love to you girl
If I have thrown our love away
I don't know what I'm gonna do

I can't even imagine babe
I can't imagine my life without you
And I, I can't even fathom babe
Someone is loving you

Don't turn away from me
And leave me here down on my knees
Without you, I'm dying
Won't you come save my life
Now I realize
That I'll never love the way that I loved you

Repeat 1

Oh, I know
I know I was wrong
With you, I belong
If our love is gone
How can I carry on?
I'm so alone without you to hold
Won't you come home

Repeat 1 to fade

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