Tell Me

Jerney Kaagman

Look inside this aching heart
And tell me what you see
Skies are grey they used to be so clear
I tried to hide what’s there inside
It will come out one day
You make the darkness seem
so far away

Don’t you realise I’m free
‘though it might be wrong
Don’t you think I will be sad
I know it will go on

The strangest feelings touch my heart
Don’t wanna fall apart
Why can’t we start

Who can tell us where we’re going
Where do we go from here
I know the memories remain
Give up, but I just can’t
As they say in all these songs
A heart can always mend

We were so close and so far away
A dream that couldn’t last
Love’s supposed to make you glad
Then tell me why do I feel so bad

Compositor: G. Willemse

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