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Queen Of Hearts

Jerney Kaagman

The curtains drawn, daylight banned
From her small rented flat
Morning ain’t her time of day

So different from those midnight hours
And the life that she led
In bars and neon-lit cafes

She’s only an shadow,
that will soon be turning grey,
Just an illusion that will
slowly fade awayT

The queen of hearts only rules at night
Moving on at the speed of light
She knows her way around
All cabarets in town
But she won’t dance

The queen of hearts
deals a winning hand
Plays her cards till the magic ends
Just a face without a name
All that matters is the
game of chance
Till the morning comes

At break of dawn luck will change
With the edge of a knife
Jack of spades will cut the dream

But you know she’ll be back again
At the wild side of life
Making sure that she will be seen

Compositor: T. Scherpenzeel

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