Jerney Kaagman

Jerry Lee gave me a call in the morning
Said that he wouldn’t come tonight
Said he was leavin’ without any warning
And he would take an early flight
Told him: ’now don’t do anything foolish
Something you might regret in a while
I don’t wanna hear this
I just want you near’

Talk about love and sweet devotion
Talk about kisses, Jerry Lee
Don’t turn your back on my emotion
Baby and don’t you pity me
I wanna be with you in the morning
I wanna be with you at night
Baby I’m still a woman
Livin’ without love is just a misery

A gypsy women once stole me how
To keep a man from running away
Let him go, don’t tie him down,
That’s the game you have to play

Compositor: Bert Ruiter/H.van Hemert

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