Jeremy Horn

In Your kindness I find, a redemption that's mine
That I cannot explain
How Your love reaches down, through my shame and my doubt
Making my ugliness fade
When my life is a mess and Your righteousness is all I
You're all I have

Only You can see my heart
Only You can know my heart
Only You can love my heart and say
You're still beautiful to Me

Only You can change my heart
Only You can touch my heart
Only You can clean my heart and say
You’re still beautiful to Me

Every sin leaves a grime, that will darken with time
That I cannot erase
Only You and Your blood, Your compassion Your love
Can make it all fade away
Into my sinfulness entered Your Holiness
To all I, to all I am

And I will only love You
So write Your name on my heart God
Place Your seal upon me
Knowing my heart’s Yours, oh God

God You search me, God You love me, the way I am
And I am Beautiful
Because You’re Beautiful
You make things beautiful
You are beautiful

©2005 Jeremy Horn (BMI). Admin. by From the Grove Music

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