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Strong and Courageous

Jenny Phillips

We are daughters of God
With vision of who we are
And the love of the Savior in our hearts
We are sons of a King
Heirs to our Father's throne
We are true to the priesthood that we hold
We live in perilous times
But with prophets here to guide us
With the Spirit inside us
With angels walking beside us
We will take the shield of faith
We'll withstand the evils of these final days
We are fearless
We are brave
We'll defend our Father's name
At all times (we are strong)
In all things (we are brave)
In all places
We will be strong and courageous
We will not be afraid
To walk in the Savior's way
And prepare for the day when He will reign
We're calling all of the earth
To return our lives to virtue
To be faithful in all we do
To join the great cause of truth

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