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Slippery Slopes

Jenny Lewis

The Voyager

I am still into you, dreams really do come through
I feel it everywhere, even in my red hair
And if don't wreck it, then I won't wreck it either
When I'm out on the road
If for just one second, you'd ask me to forget all about
Slippery slopes, whiskey and clothes

I see it happening, I'll get the golden ring
I want eternity, for her and you and me
And if you don't expect it, I won't expect it either
When we take off our clothes
If for just one second, she hugs you to forget all about
Slippery slopes, mushrooms and coke

Oh, oh, oh, whoa
Oh, oh, oh, whoa

Is anyone listening?
There's joy that freedom brings
And I'll be in liberty
If she eats after me

Cause if you don't express it, you will express it later
With who God only knows
If for just one second, it helps us to remember
That we like each other the most
Slipping with brows, slippery slopes

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