I Run

Jennifer Hudson

Oh Lord
Through the pain
Oh and through the streets
I know somehow
It has to get better yeah yeah
Sometimes you get left yeah
Left with nothing at all
Oh still, I-I know, I know it will

So I'll run, run, run on through
I-I'll press, press my way
Press my way through yeah

When you turn my heart
Oh you know you turn my soul
I wonder how could the world be so cold
Oh oh oh oh oh
But I'm reminded of something old, uh
That the Bible says that one day death
And crying will be no more

So I'll run, no I'll run on through yeah
And I'll press, press my way through
Oh I'll run, run on, run on through yes
I'll press, press, on through, press on through

Said I got faith to move mountains
Oh, I got faith in miracles yeah
Faith that I would be alright, I yeah yeah yeah
As I come and as I go
Faith to believe that His word is true yeah
Yes, that His word is true yeah
And I can make it, yes I can
Look at all He's brought me through yeah
Lord well see I keep running on
Running running on, running on through

See I'll press my way
Keep pressing on my way
Pressing my way on through
Oh I'll run

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