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You (knock, Knock)

Jeni Varnadeau

Psalm 9:1-2; 18:1-3
Jeni Varnadeau & Bob Halligan, Jr.

Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Me. Me, who?
Me who wants to get to you
Me who keeps longing for something new
Following my feelings
Chasing shadows and points of view
'Til I found there's no one like

You who mold my future
My security
You who hold my heart
You who set me free
Full of fun and wonder
Care unceasingly
You who loved regardless
You who died for me

Hey, Hey
Who cares?
Anybody out there?
Who can fill this heart of mine?
Been lots of places, met lots of faces
Some were rude, some were kind
Some just opened up my mind
But no one treats me like

I found goodness when I met ya
Peace I can't describe
You're the treasure of my soul
'Cause you loved me with your life

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