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Tracing His Hand

Jeni Varnadeau

Slipping in and out of my world
Wondering where this life is taking me
If I go my own way
I'll miss the journey I was meant to see
The road is narrow but it keeps on turning
But your hand I'll follow as I keep on learning
Wherever you lead, I wanna go
Even if it's someplace I don't know
Drawing me away and taking me from my comfort zone
Wherever we walk, it leaves a path
Just like footprints in the sand
And if I looked back
I'd see the plan
Was tracing your hand
Sinking into the spirit
Parting the sea of dust within my soul
Every step grows clearer
As I see your perfect will unfold
The road is narrow but it keeps on turning
Your hand will guide me as I keep on learning

I'll be walking this trail of trust
With you by my side
As we're tracing the hand of love
I'll surrender, I'll surrender my life

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