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Takin' In The Air

Jeni Varnadeau

Like a child in bed
In a room with no light
I've been hidden in blankets
That cover my eyes
Afraid to move
Scared of what I might see
But I'm tired of dwelling in the darkness of me
This time I'll break out of the night
This time I'll let faith be my sight
It's time. I'm running into the light

I'm takin' in the air outside
I'm breathin' in the breathe of life
'Cause I finally found a place that free
And I'm dancing on a mountain top
And I don't ever wanna stop
'Til everybody's dancing here with me- hey, yea

I used to be
Like so many I know
Painting by numbers
And stuck in a mold
Fearful of failure
And what others may think
But now I've found the freedom to be who I'm meant to be
It's time to stay out of my night
It's time to keep faith as my sight
This time I'm living in the light

It's time to come out of the night
It's time to let faith be your sight
This time, we'll be dancing in the light

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