Remind Me

Jeni Varnadeau

Some days my heart gets weary
'Cause I can't get past the strain
My eyes don't see the sunshine
'Cause I can't see past the rain
Somehow I must remember
That it all can work for good
I may not feel like smiling now
But at least I know I could
I'm in the middle of a tunnel
Can't see the light at the end
So tell me that the struggle's worth the gain

Remind me that this tarnished heart will turn to gold one day
Remind me how your love can heal the pain
Remind me you're the artist that forms a masterpiece from clay
Remind me everything will be okay
Remind me

There's not a brilliant diamond
That has not come through the fire
And a mother's tears of labor
Come before a joyful child
And you'll never see a harvest
Unless the seeds have died
Like the broken body of your son
Is the death that brought me life
The darkness on that dismal day
Brought light in the end
You proved that the struggle's worth the gain
The bitter and the sweet are a part of life
The suffering's worth it all if it brings me to your side
I want to carry my own cross and make the sacrifice
Abundant life will be the joy and You will be the prize

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