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It's All Good

Jeni Varnadeau

How do I articulate when so much clutter always occupies my crazy mind?
There's a tangle in my head, I got so much left unsaid wanna pray, but
Fear what I might find if I ask for bread, will I get stones instead?
Why do I question that you'd give me the very best?
It's all good
When I ask and believe
'cause you know what I want
And you give what I need
It's all good when I ask
'cause you never hold back
You answer me
And it's all good

I seldom realize with my finite mind how big and powerful you are
You listen to my cries though sometimes
I feel they're insignificant and oh, so small
I may not always get what I expect
But you gave your son, so I know you give the best
There's nothing you wouldn't do
You'll provide in your perfect will
Oh, what freedom to leave my cares with you
To wait, and to be still

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