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Adventure With You

Jeni Varnadeau

Ecclesiastics 4:9-12;5:4-6; Malachi 2:14-16; Matthew 19:1-11
Thanks, Mom & Dad and Mom-and-Dad-in-law for staying married all this time. Not that you'd think otherwise or even have the desire or option. But in today's day and age, I appreciate the example you are to Rory and I to stick together through thick and thin. Thanks, Rory, for the adventure! I Love You!

A million trips to find a place where oil and water finally agree
Miles and miles we'll go to find a road that leads us where we two can meet
We said our vows we had it all under control
But maybe now I'm wondering if we understand at all
I'm not asking for your way or mine
But I think we can start over and make it ours this time
The two of us together
Make it better
No matter what we're going through
I don't really know
Just where we'll go
But I'm loving this adventure with you

It's give and take. You give. I take, then wonder how we ended up this way
We said "we do," but really don't. We contradict the things we meant to say
And I thought I had it all under control
And maybe one day I will understand it all
I'm here to stay no matter how hard the fight
'Cause I know I'm better with you here, close by my side

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