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D Is For Danger

Jemina Pearl

You were all built up inside
You had that lazy look in your eye
Your story I wanted to know
And I was bold enough to ply
On the highway it came fast
I wish the night could always last

It didn't take long to see
that you and I were meant to be
Oh, it's love
It's love

I trusted you would treat me right
You cut my hair in the kitchen tonight
You trusted I'd cause no harm
Put cigarette burns on our arms
We walk the path of danger hand in hand
You may be trouble but you're not mad

Now there's no turning back
You've got my heart under attack
Oh, it's love
It's love

Around your neck you wore my heart
So we would never be apart
You promised you crossed you heart
I believed you I wish I were smart

Now you've disappeared
without a trace
And all I'm left with
are black tears
that stain my face
Just the black tears
that stain my face

How could I've known
You'd take my heart break it and go
Oh, it's love
it's love

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