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The Man With The Dogs

Jello Biafra

I am no one
But I'm welL know
For I am the man with the dogs
I STARE at you shopping
Watch while you´re walking
Two dogs run aroundyour toes
Two eyes brake you down
Now, who does that guy think he´s staring at?
Stop in your tracks
Your´re being laughed at
Your armored ego is nude

And i do and i do
Crack up 'cos I'm getting to you
I see you I see you
And you're preety self-conscious too

Down to your church
I'm looking for victims
Spell of the man with the dogs
I'll haunt you
And follow you to work
That gost is back again

Creep into you
I won't go away
You're taking yourself too seriously
I smile as you frown
And turn to walk away
Your habits for all to see

I see a shrew
Isee you
And the rodent things you do
You see you I see you
And you're pretty self-concious too
And i'm gonna laught
Open wide....

See you again
You'll see me tomorrow
Curse of the man with the dogs
You may not like me
You won't forget me
Not safe on even in Walgreens

They've seen me
Ask your friends
'Oh, I know him"
Seen but I'm never heard
By your lot
A stare
Is worth a thousand biting phrases
See how stupid you are?

Idare you I dare you
To erase my laser tatoo
You see you you see you
And you're pretty self-conscious too
And I'm gonna crack your mask
Yeah, and I'm gonna laugh
what's inside?
Is it a pubic hair
Is it cobweb air
I bet you don't just care....

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