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Attack Of The Peacekeepers

Jello Biafra

Army ads looked so cool - i signed right up.
Besides, it was the only way could find a job.
"great place to start" and see the world womanize at discos
and fake going nuts to scam infirmary drugs
so send in the clowns the nato circus is here to protect you
your choice must be ours
yankee corruption or the big bad soviet threat
don't you feel secure sending our top guns to guard your sky?
flying their fighter planes upside down,
stoned out of their minds.
for a real hot time, how 'bout an air show crash?
or a g.i. riding a stolen tank through downtown manhattan
and off the riverbank where he drowns.
fall in with the clowns, remember,
nato is here to protect you with nuclear bombs that come to visit
and decided to stay.

attack! attack!
of the peacekeepers attack!

the charge of the joke brigade
in charge we can blow up the world more times than you
we'll show 'em we'll show 'em with radioactive subs
we'll show 'em we'll show 'em with missiles in your back yard
guarded by soldiers on acid during night watch
and generals who care only for fat pensions and bribes
if that don't scare the commies nothing will
except maybe our bradley tanks tripping over themselves
both powers have one goal in common:
to keep germany divided
never strong enough to start another world war occupied by the clowns
is it really you, nato is here to protect?
with berlin type walls when they came to visit
we all decided to stay.


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