We The Lovers

Jean-claude Pascal

We, the lovers – they want to separate us
They would like to prevent us from being happy
We, the lovers – it seems that it's hell
That watches us or else the iron and the fire

It's true, the idiots and the evil ones
Harm us, do bad things to us
However nothing is more obvious than love
We, the lovers, we can do nothing against them
They are a thousand and we are two, the lovers

But the hour is going to ring on the least difficult nights
And I could love you without them talking about it downtown
promised, it's written down

We, the lovers – the sun shines for us
And we sleep on the knees of the Good Lord
We, the lovers – He gave us the right
To be happy and to be joyful together

Then, the without-loves, the mis-loved
It will be necessary that we pay back
Those who have never been condemned
We, the lovers, we're going to live without you
For the sky is with us, the lovers

Compositor: Jacques Datin

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