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Bring It All To Me

JC Chasez

Blaque - Bring It All To Me

there u r
lookin as fine as can be
in your fancy car
I can tell your lookin at me
whatcha wanna do?
r u just gonna sit there and stare
baby talk to me
tell me whats on your mind baby ohh

oh baby bring it all to me
but I don't need no fancy cars or diamond rings
oh baby bring it all to me
give me your time your love your space your energy

baby what's the deal?
would I be to forward if I
told u how I feel
thats just the way I do my thing
I'm so for real
r u feeling my timbs my baggy jeans
my thug appeal
do u like it if a man can't keep it real oo ooh ooh


I'll put my pride to the side
just to tell you how good u make me feel inside
theirs not a single question that we can make this right
cause its u I need every day and night oh ooh oh

chorus to the end.

Compositor: Vagner Gomes

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