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Kingdom Come


Kingdom Come


Now I don't know what life may be
In h-i-p h-o-p
Without the boy

Not only NYC
I'm hip hop's savior
So after this flow
You might owe me a favor

When kingdom come
You ready
When kingdom come
I'm ready, when kingdom come

Verse One

Now everywhere I go
They like, HOV we back
Up out the corner office
Out the cul-de-sac

Where's Iceberg Slim
He was the coldest cat
Get ya swag back daddy
Where ya focus at

Gotta admit a lil bit
I was sick of rap
But despite that
The boy is back

And I'm so evolved
I'm so involved
I'm showing growth
I'm so in charge

I'm C.E.O.'ing
Yeah go in God
I'm so indebted
I should've been deaded

Selling blow in the park
This is now in my heart
Now I'm so enlightened
I might glow in the dark

I been up in the office
You might know 'em as Clark
Just when you thought
The whole world fell apart

I take off the blazer
Loosen up the tie
Step inside the booth
Superman is alive


Verse Two

I hear hurry up HOV
When I'm out in the public
Cause ni**as like it, you love it
You be it, you're of it

You breathe it, we need it
Bring it back for the hustlers
Had to dust off the hammer
Damn, can't touch this

C'mon playboys
Bring ya cars back out
Cause your boy HOV is back
You know them broads comin' out

Got 'em dancing on the banquette
Like they from bankhead
F*ck Cristal
So they ask me what we drinking

I thought dude's remark
Was rude, OK
So I moved on to Dom
And Krug Rosé

And there's much bigger issues
In the world I know
But I first had to take care
Of the world I know

I'm from the bottom
So I still feel I'm from the bottom
Underdog before my cape
Still couldn't stop 'em

Flash Gordon when recording
Spark the light in the dark
Peter Park, Spiderman
All I do is climb the charts


Verse Three

Just when they thought
It was all over
I put the whole world on my back
And broad shoulders

The boy HOVA
Who you know could talk over tracks like that
Guess what, New York New York
We back

And I ain't never been
Afraid of a drought
Since I was six/seventeen
To get the money down south

Bout it, bout it
Master P
Ask the ni**a Pimp C
Ask my homie Bun B

I run the streets
The streets don't run me
Y'all run, we chill
Still waters run deep

I repeat
Sing along with me
I run the streets
The streets don't run me

Ladies saying
Where you been Superman
With ni**as spending 10 million
In media on my hands

The Bruce Wayne
Of the game have no fear
When you need me
Just throw your Roc signs in the air, yeah


Compositor: Jay-z

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