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I Bought That

Jay Lyriq

Hey (hey, hey),
Mmm-mmmm, mmmm,

Oh hell no
Oh, oh hell no


Ain't have nothin' when i met you
Now you ackin' grand,
Ackin' like you
Neva really needed a man,
But damn shawty
I'm the nigga
That was there to care for ya,
When ya,

Ain't have no self-esteem, no,
And when you walk,
In a room they didn't know,
Until i put that ice on your neck (neck),
Shoes on your feet (feet),
Clothes on your back (back),
Money for you to eat,
Now you,
Frontin' like it's all you,
And you know it ain' true,
So i'm takin it all back where you started,
Since you got it all, this what i'ma start with,

I need that car that you drivin' (cuz i bought that),
All of the jewels that i've provided (cuz i bought that),
Hold up that crib don't get excited (cuz i bought that),
That's on me, that's on me,
Yeah that coach bag with the pockets (cuz i bought that),
All of them tags before you pop 'em, (cuz i bought that),
Hit up sprint ain't no more talkin' (cuz i bought that),
That's on me, that's on me

Now hear me when i tell you
Can't seem to understand,
You've lost the benefits of me being your man,
Cuz damn baby (how you gon' try and stay with me),
Cuz when i'm here girl (you're all mine),
But when i'm gone (you're given what's mine),
Didn't think i would know (know)
Creepin' on the low (low)
Hell nooooooo,

You're a liar,
And i don't want you next to me,
(til' you gon' see and you gon' see)
And i'ma show you what i mean


Oh hell no,
Oh, oh, oh hell no,
Oh hell nooooo,

You wanna front like it's all you,
You wanna go and do what you do,
Well that's okay,
Just give me my shit back,
And be on your way,
And don't even look back, girl...

[chorus x2]

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