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Uncle Auntie-socialite

Jay Brannan

Always, Then, & Now

so many have penetrated this body
how can you say i’m not easy
sure my social skill set is shoddy
so is your personality
and i’m just sick enough to keep writing this song
and you’re just thick enough to clap your hands and sing along
well i wish i may, i wish i might
rule the world one day as uncle aunti-socialite

cuz i don’t believe in heroes, but i believe in friends
and i believe that optimism without cynicism is a sin
just let yourself have one quote unquote bad day
i dare you to have a feeling, they’ll have you someday anyway
and what’s so wrong with feminine boys?
sorry for the euphemism
there’s a fun valley girl in this sad texas boy
and we don’t need your sexorcism

i’m an indoor person and you can suck it
my idea of the great outdoors is a nice big patio
or a cigarette on a fire escape
an air-conditioned roadtrip down a well-paved interstate
and i throw words like love and hate
around like confetti, then i watch them dissipate

and i’m almost comfortable in my own skin
i’ve walked around in it for years without fitting in
i shouldn’t have to suntan or highlight my hair
in order to feel beautiful if i don’t really care
i’m always going all the way down, but i always find my way back up
i tend to choke on dicks and emotions, drink placebo potions, cry rivers and oceans

and i can sing my own damn lullaby
and if you want a happy song, then you can write your own
i love me, i hate me, i need to escape me
but more importantly i need for you to leave me the fuck alone

and thanks to those who loved me when i could not love myself
who embraced the raincloud above me
and dragged us both down off the shelf
i never dreamed that i would stay this long

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