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Ok, Here's The Truth

Javier Colon

Come Through For You

There's a look on her face
She's starting to master
As she carefully closes the door
She's been coming home late
With pre-packaged answers
To questions she tries to avoid

Now she's talking too fast
And I just have to ask
Baby what's all the cloak and dagger for

Okay here's the truth
I ran out of gas

And I didn't call cause I thought you'd be mad
So I started to walk
Took an hour and a half
To get off that highway and fill up that can
I was hoping that you'd understand

She's getting good with the lines
So good that you wonder
If the rabbit in the hat tricks for real
She turns water into wine
And I'd almost believe her
If her eyes just for once could keep still

Now my patience wasted
Cause she's late once again
Baby tell me what delayed you this time

Okay here's the truth
It's going to sound kind of strange
But I took a new way home from work for a change
It started out fine
Til I got to Route 9

When an hour away before I realized
I'm sorry I ruined all your plans
I was hoping that you'd understand

And there watching her secretly talking
It is just about all I can bear
Now I know why she's been wearing more
Make-up and caring
So much about changing her hair

The telephone vibrates on the table again

Another damn private call coming through

And now she's visibly shaking

And I just feel like taking that phone

Throwin it clear cross the room

She answers ?hello?

A mans voice I don't know

Says ?it's time that you tell him the truth?

I can't take this no more

Honey I'm out the door

No, I won't relax

I got my suitcase all packed

But what she said next stopped me dead in my tracks

Okay here's the truth

It's not what you think

The man that you heard is head of oncology

I'm sorry I lied

To you all of those times

I didn't know how to tell you

I might not survive

Okay there's the truth

I've got six months to live

Only wanted what's best for you and the kids

I promise I'll fight

With all of my might

But if I lose this battle

I lived a good life

So baby just please hold my hand

And tell me that you understand

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