Javier Colon

Come Through For You

I know it's not easy
When I tell you I'm leaving
From the tears in our eyes
We both know that you're not coming with me

It's not the first time
It won't be the last
Just make sure you tell my baby girls
Their dad will be back
We'll try to stay close
So far away

And when you open your eyes
You'll see what I'm seeing
Another sunrise
We're still here breathing
For better or worse

These are the lives that we're leading
But our love is like an echo
That keeps on repeating
It keeps on repeating

By this timetomorrow
I'll be home in west hartford
Just like time never stopped and
I'm back in the place where I started

So let's go to the movies
Take the kids out to play
But whatever we do let's make it last
Cause we've just got today

We'll try to stay close
So far away.

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