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How do you live your life

Jason Mraz

I've been making up shit for way too long
But you can bet this ain't the end of this song
So soon I'm just getting started on this tune
Oh sue me, for making up sentences
Using parts that don't make no sense
I'm just making a mess
Building a fence in this dress I'm wearing

Quit your staring
I'm a boy who loves his world and his missus yes
Though he misses her

How do you live your life?
How do you live your life?

Wake up the zombie people
We don't even know how to turn a phrase
We don't even know where the page is these days
Eh, we are just spraying our dookie on the walls
I'm just hoping that our hottie gets to outline my body in chalk
When I close my eyes, oh I'm also (reliving?) this life
And I, I, I, I'm missing my baby
And I, I, I, I miss her like crazy

How do you live your life?
How do you spent your time?

Keeping me in stitches finally
It seems my wish is coming true
Laughing with you
Talking all night for hours

And I keep living my life as a cell phone romantic
I just hated when the phone line keeps crashing

How do you live your life?

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