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Coffee Cup Song

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz's Beautiful Mess - Live On Earth (CD/DVD)

I look in my coffee cup
I can't think of anything better than you
I stare over the waters and look up at the sky
Wishing I could have you right here by my side

Your name sounds so familiar to me
Where have I heard those names before
I think I read it in a men's room behind the door

Well it said, call me for a good time
Call me for a good ol' time
Call me one more time
Oh you call mercedes, oh

I love the way you rock 'n roll, oh oh
I love the way you flirt with me, oh oh
You brought up my stinkin' shirt with me, oh oh
But that's okay 'cause

I can't heat you in the microwave
Can't put you in the fridge to save for a rainy day
But you are my sunshine
Wish I could have you all the time

Just to keep me warm
So just hold my coffee cup
Just like I would hold your hand
Just like that baby

Can't you understand
I will always be your one night stand
Oh mercedes oh
you rock my world

Oh mercedes oh
Love, love, love, love
1-900 Mercedes, oh
To you I fall
I tumble for you
Happy birthday Mercedes

*(Mercedes is someone's name. This changes everytime as do some of the lyrics depending on the event, person, etc.)

Composição: Lyrics By Jason Mraz And Billy Galewood

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