Walk Away

Jasmine Villegas

That's Me Right There - EP

I don't wanna talk about it anymore
You chose to leave me here to explore
Go ahead, search in the sea, there's plenty more
But don't expect me to leave my door, open for you

And there's no looking back, you chose to walk the path
Of tearing up my heart, oh boy I loved you
Look at the mess you made, you threw a hand grenade
And blew up everything, oh boy how could you

I will never
Make the same mistake
I'll be better
It's time to walk away

I'm taking my love on this open road
You don't deserve me here anymore
Cause these nights of me crying alone turned my love to fear
The pain you gave, you'll never know, I'm done with all these tears
You'll never find another me, no
Oh I'm over, oh I'm over you

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