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Out Of My Hands

Jars Of Clay

I wasted a rescue, abandoned the mission.
I failed by my own hand and watched it all go wrong.
You said You could save me, that I couldn?t save myself.

You said that You loved me, no matter what I?ve done.
When the light is gone and life is just a dare we take,

Still the fight goes on to give my heart away.

And it?s out of my hands. It was from the start,

In light of what You?ve done for me, in light of what You?ve done for me.

You lifted my head and set me apart,

In light of what You?ve done for me. This is what You?ve done for me.

It?s out of my hands.

Compositor: Words and Music By Stephen Mason, Dan Haseltine, Matt Odmark, Jeremy Lutito and Gabe Ruschival

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