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Bone Dust


Desperate measures we take
To be remembered how soon do we fade
Only a moment in time
What I survived in my life will set me free

I can't take no more
What do you live for?

It doesn't matter to me
Just one day in your life

I can take the fight from the motherfucker
I can stand, hold my head up with honour
What we do in life echoes on forever
I swear I'll never say your name again

Looking back in my life
Seen nothing but heartache my life tragedy
Now I'm falling from grace
What I have done I can take to my grave
Ash to ash
And dust to dust
They day will come
There's nowhere to run

Here we go again we stand and fight together
I'll never quit, admit I can take the pressure
Good things come to those of us who never
Spend there moment in fucking time holding back

123 let's go

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