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One Of Those Things

Janie Fricke

There's no mistaking what's taking place here
I can't pretend anymore
You know that I love you but it's not enough to
Keep you away from that door
Now it's too late to wonder what's left to be tried
Your mind is made up and my hands are tied

It's just one of those things that I can't do nothing about
Your love is something that I'm gonna have to learn to live without
I could beg I could plead and get down on my knees
But I think I finally figured it out
It's just the one of those things I can't do nothing about

So bring on the tears and bring on the heartaches
Let me get on with my pain
If this is goodbye then let's get it over
There's nothing left to explain
Now God knows I've tried I've tried for so long
What's left of my heart will have to be strong

It's just one of those things...

Well it's all I can stand but it's out of my hands
Your leaving's leaving more room for doubt
It's just the one of those days I can't do nothing

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