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One More Chance

Janet Jackson

just remember everything i told you, sorry for all the pain that ive cause you,
see you know its true i wanna stay,
i know you tried to make it what it should've been,you were there to hold me
when i could've been, i dont know what-ever came over me.

chorus- gimme me that one more chance, remember all taht we've planned, give me
that one more chance, for me
gimme me that one more chance, remember all that we've planned, gimme
that one more chance for me.

just wanna do.. half of what you do, and i know it seems so strange for me to
say this, if there is a hundred ways of sayin it, all in one it means dont go
everybody's goin' round tellin you lies, and they dont know how hard that ive
tried, you know it takes the pressure for me to see..oooh.

repeat chorus-

bridge-- if you could read my mind..how wonderful it'd be,
heaven's hard to find, and what it means to me is something

repeat chorus-

im gonna prove it, i know we can do it, love's not
a playground, i think i let you down..oooh, just give me
one more chance.
(instrumental)..say you'll love me, say you'll love me, i want you to say it,
say it, thatch'a love me, thatch you'll love me, tell me thatcha love me,,ahh
thatcha love me.

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