Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson

20 Y.O.

Wake up silly head
'Bout time we do it again
Sushine today
I'm glad I made plans
'Cause it rained yesterday
But that was okay
Can't complain
I love it either way

Living everyday like it's my last
I refuse to be stuck in the past
People actin' like machines
Cause they're scared to live their dreams
No not me

I just enjoy and celebrate
Enjoy the love we make
Enjoy, appreciate
Just keep on doing it
Til my hearts content
And ejony when someone smiles
So just enjoy the simple things
Enjoy what the world brings
Enjoy the summer seas
Just keep on doing it
'Til my hearts content
And enjoy the gift of life

If you wanna find the paradise
Do it now never too late to try
Lose your inhibitions
Let your inspiration set you free


And the people say
Enjoy la la la la la [8x]


Enjoy la la la la la [8x]

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