Accept Me

Janet Jackson

Here's something you must know

I'm so misunderstood

I am a special girl

Living in my special world

You know you can't change me

Rather you gotta see me for me boy

I'm doing the best I can

Try to understand


Accept me for who I am

No woman can take my place baby

I'm doing the best I can

So please don't give up on me

Accept me for who I am

Just try and understand

'Cause that's the way it is, babe

You are my soul, unique

My dream that's come to me

You know I can't change you

But then again, I don't want to

You seem to understand

When I say I need a loving hand

(Something Something Something)

(Something Something Something)

My dream who only loves me for me.

Repeat Chorus

I try to make you see

Just what you do to me

I go crazy when I hear your voice or see your smile

Ooh, you don't know what you do to me

You make me wanna never have another

Easy to mind

Accept me for

Accept me for

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