That's Enough

Janelle Monáe

Two times is good
Twice the beauty, twice the fun
More than for once
'Cause inside, we're cooking up
A lifetime of adventures
Mischief and romance
That's the good stuff
That's enough

Never mind your pedigree
You and me, babe, that's a match
Let's make new memories
Think of schemes that we can hatch
Make magic out of simple things
A few bones, our home and some pups, yeah
That's the good stuff
That's enough

So, I was thinking
If you and I could take the day off
Go around town
Visit some of our favorite spots
'Cause there's nothing like
Spending time together
You know, you and I
How about we get into some big trouble?
You know that kind of trouble
Oh, come on, yeah

Better than ever now
While we're howling at the moon
Feeling invincible
'Cause you and me, we're in cahoots
Now, the thing that I would switch up
Some black cat couldn't change my love
I got you, babe
Oh, we've got each other now
That's the good stuff
That's enough

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