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    Everything reminds me of my dog
    The guy in ther store
    If you remind me of my dog we'll probably git along little doggie git along
    Git along little doggie git a...
    Smiling at strangers(better let them know you're friendly)
    The way people dress reminds me too,pissing on their favourite tree
    Sad things
    Cockroaches and other insects remind me too, don't hit them
    The blank expression of the little boy with thick glasses who picks
    Himself up from the sidewalk and stands there blinking in the sun
    If you remind me of my dog we'll probably git along little goggie git along
    Git along litle doggie git a...
    Like the man on the subway
    Sitting across from me
    And every time i looked at him he smiled
    And by the time
    I got to the end
    Of the subway line
    I'd given him at least...oh...25 cookies
    Guys in bars remind me of my dog
    The way it takes you so long to choose the perfect table
    If you remind me of my dog we'll probably git along little doggie git along
    Git along little doggie git along
    (me and my ferocious dog we're walking down the street
    And everyone we meet says "ach yer a goot doggie!...")
    Except when we go for a walk
    To get the sunday paper
    I stand there and read the headlines
    He reads the wind
    Sometimes he hits a funny smell and laughs
    I hate it when he does that-i feel so dumb
    What? what? i say
    Everything reminds me of my dog
    Beautiful things
    Sunsets remind me of my dog-gina go to your window
    Einstein reminds me of my dog-i want to pat his fluffy head
    This whole world reminds me of my dog
    My dog reminds me of this whole world
    Do i remind you of a dog?(thump thump) i do? (faster thump)
    Skyscrapers remind me of my dog sitting in the tall grass waiting for a rabbit
    Guys in red camaros too-it's getting to be a habit
    Artists remind me of my dog staking out their originality on the nearest tree
    Old folks reminf me of my dog
    My dog reminds old people of their dogs(barfy,ruffo,beanhead)
    Gina says i remind her of the dog the way i just did that
    Golfers teeing off remind me of myu dog the way he sits by me and shifts on his
    Front paws-what is it you
    Want? look at it, do you want to go for a walk, want a cookie, do you want me
    To dial the number for you?

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