Yellow Light

Jane Lui

You started, you walked, and you opened
Then you stopped, you stood, and you closed.
You knew you could have cured me
But it would have been my fault.

Where were your thin red cadillac breaks?
Where was the yellow light?
In arizona, the night, it damn well knew me.
A dent so vast to fit all my sacred saline.

Tuscan red sun soon bleeds on
Can't you taste the iron?
Did you think that I could feel so small
Against your whimsical wire?

Away, i seek for your hand to be the woman in whoever's eyes
A fool of me to fantasize, how dare i to accessorize.
Should've known that wind would suffer
When you sent me there running

Can't you tell our night is over
Against your whimsical wire?
From the heaven sound complains through the rain
Freezing by mid air it lands broken

1275 of them, did you think that you can feel for them?
Am i it dear, am i the yellow light?
Count your knives

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