Playing God

Jane Lui

I know I know your pinball's running away from the beginning
Its reflection strikes its distance - score tops you win
You know, i think you're fooling
The man who watch with intent

But I know that you know
The silver ball resents your manners
Don't you, little jummy, let your heart insult your humor
Some day soon and coming, light will come, watch you and wave

Look here, little jimmy, set aside your empty nights awake
Good days ahead tickling, will find themselves without your god's game.
It ain't hard to see you aching
A final rip of the scab

Shame on those who burned your pale hands
Pity for a penny
White lies with silver lining

A way to make you believe
That you can do the same
Those who speak with their hearts running
For you, i would take your hand and spin till we're dizzy

To find yourself engraving your laughter to all those who feel you
Just one of the many to see the light, pass the line, remove yourself
Away for good.

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