Jane Lui

Is it safe in here i think i need fire
With a man whose eyes are a warrior?s
Thousand men whose hands fell in the summer

Now the cold stabs like a thorn
It?s no more than cold, dear
The winter sun?s never quite warm enough so let me

It?s no more than snow, dear
You?re holdin? me ransom so why don?t you fight me
Fireflies will light the way
So to see of your, the push and drag into you.

Keep your curtains closed while tapping your temples
I?ll know your fine, fine in your sorrows
Cause it?s true, true it takes time to become
The one you never knew

It?s no more than fright, dear
It?s all the same when you got something to lose here
It?s no more than pain, dear
Has it ever been easy to find our way to safety

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