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Hard Lines

Jameson Raid

A place in the void where I'm waiting for
Someone to find me. A small asteroid in
The black, empty waste that surrounds me
My spaceship lies torn and the wreckage
Is strewn 'cross the surface. With no
Way of escape or recourse in the hard
Lines around me

We were chasing a sun for the energy
Needed to save us. To harness the power
And give us the light we were craving
When the chambers of light that drove
Us through the night started failing
And a spiral of fear pulled our ship to
This sphere of destruction

They surrendered their lives to gain me
Some time for solutions, and wept as
They died for they knew that the task
Was now hopeless. For without the sun's
Heat mother earth can't compete and is
Dying. With no way of escape, the rape of
The earth is now certain

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