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Getting Hotter

Jameson Raid

I was livin' a life full of trouble and strife so I just ran way
Though my face is the same I've been
Changin' my name and the town everyday
It's gettin' hotter all the time all the time
Gettin' hotter gettin' hotter

The hunters are out there's pursuers about
But I know they're abroad
And the papers all said folk we're better in bed
Until I had been caught
They were right it's gettin' hotter all the time

Well I'll run 'til I drop an I'll crawl
'til I stop they won't never catch me
'cos I'm out on the run and I'm havin' my fun
And I wanna stay free
And I will it's gettin' hotter all the time look out gettin' hotter
Closer they're gettin' closer all the time

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