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Catcher In The Rye

Jameson Raid

Help I'm searching for my new direction
Cash I need some for my resurrection
Fate it's a combination of lust and greed
Love did I hear you say that's all I need?
All I need is love
Falling down on my face
Tryin' hard to keep pace
Catcher in the rye

Now is the time to throw out your illusions
As then was the time to cast out my confusions
Stop what you're doin' take a look around
And see if you really like what's goin' down
Do you like it?
Fear does it grip you? Does it hold your soul?
And hate? Has it got you? Will it let you go?
Will it let you?

Faith it is something I just don't understand
Hope is a joke just like the promised land
Charity I need some just to pull me through
After all you know I'm human too
And love did I hear you say that's all I need?
All I need

Laugh? I could cry but you can't ever tell
That time is against me got to spend it well
God are you lookin'? Can you hear me call?
And christ are you waitin' just to see me fall?
Will you see me?

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