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You're a late child, you're a love child
It's enough child that your so appealing
You're appealing, you're appealing
To a need that we all have been feeling
You don't fit where you've been put
They're so straight
Straight out of some book
Tried to fake it with a real man
Tried to fill your father's size ten

Alone [living] in this world
You're not a boy or a girl

Don't let them wear you down
What a wonderful ego
You should be so proud
Far out is the life for you
Not just a life that you must make do

Alone in this world
You're not a boy or a girl

Nothing is certain
Every things changed
More than just words
When it's you who's in pain
You hold the chalice
You hold the plate
Bring them together and see what you've made
Facing the future inside a cocoon
Feeling the control when you've been so abused
Alone in this world
Your're not a boy or a girl
You're not alone in this world

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