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Bring a Gun



There's a fight, there's a fight, there's a fight
And the rage is growing
You have pushed me through too many windows and too many doors
You have torn all the joy from my heart and the blood is showing
The only beat you allow around here is the beat of war
Let's have a party

Bring a gun
Bring a gun

Don't go out tonight with that smile or you might get arrested
Get a license for that grin or they'll lock you away
If you show that you're happy inside then you're gonna get busted
The only law we allow around here is an organized raid
Let's have a party

Bring a gun
Bring a gun

What are you going to do if the muscle won't move
They are blocking the light, blocking the light
How many words will you waste on a Terre-Blanche
Let's have a party

You can bring your gun
And you can bring your dogs
And you can bring your shiny new helicopter

Bring a gun
Bring a gun
Let's have a party

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