James Brown

That Dood It

James Brown

Now here's a story about
Reppy old jive
Ooh my my, my honey and me
I've been diggin' a those stories
About the west of Kansas that had been told
Me & my baby out out there
Dig up a mass of gold
The minute we found the bare treasure
I looked up to see
A great big old lady foot jiving looking
Dead on me
And ain't that Dood it
You know, ain't that Dood it
I can have no more eyes
For diggin' up no more gold on

I grabbed what I had in one hand
And my baby 'bout the other
Against grabbed by coat tail and said
Don't you go another farther
I ripped of my coat when I was shaken insane
But what really got my coat
Was when I heard my baby scream
Ain't that Dood it
Ain't that Dood it
'Cause I ain't going nowhere
And leave my baby there no

I put on my breeches and stopped dead in my trackes
As much as I hated the idea
I went crawling on back
I said look here Mr. Giant
As I raised slowly on one knee
I'll do anything you say hand my baby to me
Ain't that Dood it
Ain't that Dood it
He said you prefer to lose
And I'll set your baby free no

I said I'll make you a proposition
It's up to you to choose
Just leave your money or your honey
One of the two you'll have to leave
I said Mr. Giant I want to thank you
For taking the load off my mind
But when it comes to choose between my money
And my honey
I'd take my money
What am I saying
I mean my honey every time
Ain't that Dood it
You know ain't that Dood it
Now the Giant got the money
And I got my honey
And everybody's feeling fine no

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