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    I'm on a five mile an hour road to hell
    I'll probably get bored and fucking end myself

    I'm on a new time for mindset
    Fuck the world, better yet don't

    Don't cum yet

    Whenever she's a bitch blow your load in her eyelids
    Like I did

    She's got oceans full of notions
    I'll be droppin the sky on her head
    And the things she's everywhere, everywhere

    Come and help me dear
    Come and help me dear

    Oh cause I'm bleeding

    Ohh there's gotta be
    Gotta be more

    There's gotta be, gotta be, gotta be, gotta be more
    Oh there's got to be, got to be more

    So I'm on a highway
    Cause it was there in her face
    She wasn't joking
    I was taking the piss

    Fuck can I date you
    Eat this

    Got my pants round my ankles
    Why don't give it a kiss

    I won't ever conform
    Or sign forms
    For big shots
    With fake tongues
    They'll find death by firearms

    For fucking with my music
    You know, they think we're stupid

    Sign him up, sign him up
    Give him translucent

    I'm rather die please sir
    And see the him of me

    Life's a beautiful fuck off
    Of course she chose me

    Nah, Nah

    No, I wasn't getting lazy
    She was suffocating me

    And I'm bleeding
    Ohh, ohh

    Oh there's gotta be, gotta be more

    There's gotta be, gotta be, gotta be, gotta be more
    Oh there's gotta be, gotta be more


    Ohh and leave me and rise
    My eyes will shine so bright
    My eyes would a shined like the stars

    Uhh, am I a body of survival
    Put some ice at the scene

    Listen glorious decided it would be left on me
    So I would be open the rise
    And open close minds
    And hope lines

    I make em edible
    You gobble it down
    Like it's the only thing that slowly to hold on a drown

    I will do what you believe
    I tell em bitter and sweet

    So you can cuse out the scenes
    and put the beamers to sleep

    This is closure
    Exposure of the bad things brought to life

    So you can face and spit em out
    And maybe sleep tonight

    Soak it up
    Lift the shirt off your back

    Stay in the music till you're dead on your back
    Get up fast

    And attack
    And attack
    And attack
    And attack

    I'm passive, they're ecstatic
    And it's makin me sick

    I swim in grease
    Filling drinks on another prick

    And I've tried
    But it's too hard
    So don't' tell me
    To be calm

    I'm dishing subtle blows with this quick wit
    I'm quick whip

    Yeah get your nose outta my business

    When I'm drunk let me think I'm hard
    I'm throwing punches through these blurry eyes

    And I'm bleeding

    There's gotta be, gotta be more
    There's gotta be, gotta be, gotta be, gotta be more
    Oh there's gotta be, gotta be more

    There's gotta be, gotta be
    There's gotta be, gotta be

    Oh there's got to be, there's got to be, there's got to be more

    (Music By James Arthur Band)

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