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Follow The Leader

James Arthur

Follow the leader, to the ends of the earth
Follow the leader, I've been there from the birth
Follow the leader, I love all of ya work
Follow the leader, love you so much that it hurts

Follow the leader, leader, leader
I could never leave ya, I am a believer
I have been to see ya in every single region
I've been close enough that I could slash ya with a cleaver
I just really need ya, I could dice you up and keep ya
Stick you on my wall beside a photograph of Bieber
Take you out for walks, introduce you to my people
Peter, Timothy, Alan and Uncle Kiefer
They'd really love to meet ya
Can't believe that soon I'll meet ya
I'm gonna squeeze ya, I'll put you in a sleeper
Take ya home to Peterbrough
Smoke some sour diesel bra
Ah, Raff I'm so eager to meet ya


I really hope you'll come back to my house after the show
Coz if you don't I'm afraid that I'll die slow
I'll hold my breath tell these medics there ain't no medicine ready enough to cure such an aching in my soul
My love for you is like no other love that is or ever was
I know your favourite sweet's apple crumble or lemon tops
That fuckin slut was ungrateful, I'd let you were your socks
I'd fuckin wear you to dinner like you're a pair of clogs
I've followed you since you were a flicker in your Mummy's eyes
It's a shame that I can't touch you like it's Hammer-time
I probably shouldn't have done what I did but now I'm fine
I'm sat here reading this letter coz in my camera time
I check myself in the mirror, I see my hands are tied
Can't do the gig with a vest or an Ak49
All the world's a stage, without my fans I'd die
Eh, so I guess I'll fuckin walk the line


It's so confusing, you've got colder, you've been using me
I bought you t-shirts and chocolate, I sent you jewellery
Look at what you do to me, I'm crying over stupid shit
Your songs are not about me, I am taking back my jewellery
You're such a fuckin homophobe, I wish I never let you in
To think that I was thinking maybe I should let you live
I'm gonna blow up your family like I'm a terrorist
You were my hero, my Jesus, and now you're my nemesis
I'd climb up on your terrace, menace into your fellowship
I'll slit the throats of your relatives, shoot that Jess in the belly
Feed you heroin, I gave you everything
Now you'll come to bed with me forever, you're in debt with me


Is this free? I got the letters you sent for me
St Lukes is where you mother-fuckin sentenced me
I just found your number, your the same one that's been texting me
Stalkin me, there's police outside your house, you'd better talk to me
Yeah, send him in, this creepy cunt's ignoring me
I think I hear something, wait, wait (knock knock knock, knock) yeah
(Telephone voice)
My name's Paul, I'm a doorman, I wish my mum had aborted me
I'm divorced and I'm lost at the age of forty-three
I'm dressed up and these people are always calling me
Paul, I'm (metallic poison?) and I'm talking about you constantly
Then I found out you were homophobic and it got me so mad
I slaughtered and decided your homophobia was not gonna watch on me
You were threatening to slaughter me? That's all I need
I will always love you my idol, I guess that's all from me
I'm at your door you see, now try ignoring me
(Fighting and shouting noises)
(Shouting: Get the fuck off me, Get off me, Hey, Aargh, Ahh, Oww)

Chorus x 3

Follow the leader, to the ends of the earth
Follow the leader, I've been there from the birth
Follow the leader, I love all of ya work
Follow the leader, love you so much that it hurts

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