Jai Paul

He, he
He, he
He, he
He, he

Oh, we're in loving, in your loving arm
Honey, I belong to you, stay safe (he, he)
I think about the time, it's heavy on my mind still
Glowing in the dark is a mountain lion (he, he)
Because all I can think about is I've been there
Trying to make sense of it, to bring us there (he, he)
All this burden and the hell you made
There's something on the wind, the howling wind, ha

He, he
He, he
(Jeeze) he, he
He, he (ra)

Ohh, in, in the mind of you
You can be another swing in the line yeah
He risen from the dust
The spirit in the night
I'll be holding on to you (he, he) , holding on for us
Because (he) , all you can think about is I know you (he, he)
Trying to make sense of it, it's up to you (huh)
I can't shake this feeling that I belong here
The mind of the wind, the howling wind

Just as time has its way of becoming healing (he, he)
Now I found some way to trust, to give everything (huh)
(He, he) no one can fuck with me, by believing
Black rider on the wind, the howling wind
He is love, always
So go on check yourself and just go make a change

Ooh, his soul's travelling for the long road
Keep riding like the wind, the howling wind
He is love, always (he is love)
He is the one that I can be cool with
Let me shake this up, uh

The storm in the sky, gleaming in your eye (he, he)
You know times are changing, I will never leave, no
Storms are rising high, I'm blinded by the light
We can reconnect, rain hit the weatherman (he, he)
Child goes by, burning with desire
Staring rings of ire, spreading through the night, oh
Driving me to stay, rain won't say
A shadow of a doubt, who we need is now
A cigarette design, thrown through the line
Say you're letting go, every game that I know
Push on and on

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