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I Begin Again

Jai McDowall

Bullet proof is what I have to be
To walk this road of dreams and immortality
Take control before the lights go out
You never know when they'll try to take you down
I found the hard way round and round I go believing

If I could do it all over, I wouldn't change a thing
If I got to crawl to get closer that's how it's got to be
I'll break, I'll burn, I'll bleed and when I reach the end
I begin again

What's the use? Denying meant to be
You've got to fall to find that sweet serenity
I don't want, don't ever want to feel
The emptiness of moments that pass me by
The tide is turning long as I go on believing
Sometimes the night goes on for days
My love, my hope is gone
I'm up against the wall
Sometimes insanity's the way to get to that place

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